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Winchester College is a world famous, independent boarding school in Hampshire for boys aged 13 - 18, set in beautiful and historic surroundings. 

Founded in 1382 by William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor to both Edward III and Richard II, it has existed in its present location for more than 600 years and is thought to have the longest unbroken history of any school in England. Today the school continues its proud tradition, with some of the most promising and talented scholars in the world.

A school such as this requires a platform from which to tell this rich blend of history, authenticity and tradition alongside the extraordinary intellectual achievements and genuine social responsibility that is happening today. And now, more than ever, the school must tell its story on a global stage.

The Wykeham Journal is a review of the year at Winchester College. We brought our creative and strategic thinking and allied that to the gravitas and prestige it has always held. To reflect a school of this stature and to engage all stakeholders, our work had to be of the highest craft, quality and represent intense attention to detail.

The Journal now tells the compelling story of the year at Winchester College through five distinct pieces of writing from five distinct points of view. It's a way of getting under the skin of the school and the people who love the school, of capturing and celebrating the sense of investigative drive and ambition, and of making the journal personal to students, parents, alumni and, vitally, donors.

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